Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Here is a screenshot from Google Earth of the NDBs I have logged so far. PIA (Piacenza) and LRD (Lerida) were logged during the dead of night using a recorder as I am not a late night listener now that I am a little older!

I have also redesigned the NDB loop using 90mm PVC trim. It is 60cm in diameter with 20 turns of bell-wired, tuned with a 1000pF variable capacitor. It is twice as large as my first prototype and SHM (Shoreham) comes in all day now, whereas previously I had yet to log it. I read there is 10% more efficiency when you use a pure loop over a square or diamond. I am certainly delighted with it. Here it is in the garden:

Friday, 4 May 2012

First NDB in Spain

I decided to record 15 mins of audio on my FRG-100 with indoor LF loop last night and when I awoke this morning I heard the morse letters "LRD" on my tape recorder: repeated clearly for over 5 mins before fading into the noise. You can imagine my delight when I looked it up on the internet and discovered it was Lleida (Lerida) NDB, 60 miles NW of Tarragona, at the airport of Alfes. This is 643 miles from my QTH and for me, this is LF DX!

Here is the LRD Beacon at Alfes airport:

 photo by Antoni SaldaƱa

A G0 friend of mine has kindly offered to lend me his Howes ASL5 Dual Bandwidth filter for NDB DXing and with a 300hz filter on CW I am looking forward to see how it performs.