Saturday, 29 September 2012

Some new AERO posts

After a long gap away from aero monitoring, just wanted to blog a couple of recent interestings logs:

5550khz 29/09/12 0538UTC New York ATC wkg Air Canada 090 (Toronto-Sao Paulo)

8855khz 26/09/12 0622UTC Cayenne ATC wkg ATN540 en-route to Antigua and onwards to Patrick AFB (tracked this one for several hours - ATN run charters for amongst other customers, the US DoD

6535khz 12/09/12 0541UTC Sal ATC wkg Delta 200 (Atlanta-Johannesburg) NB recently heard Delta 201 wkg Luanda on 8894khz

I have been listening on 8855khz for days now and haven't heard a single Brazillian station. Years ago this frequency was very active with Manaus, Belem, Maiquetia and Porto Velho ATC Centres. I guess it's now all VHF as even if the aircraft were CPDLC satellite-linked, they would still call in for selcal checks and level changes as they still do frequently on the South Atlantic.