Saturday, 22 November 2014

HF Marine Logs and MF Marine Logs

0610 4369khz Mobile Radio (Alabama) High seas weather bulletin
0635 1680khz Floro Radio (Norway) end of bcst/Norwegian
0709 1677khz Machichaco Radio nav wng re the Muros and Noia Estuary Light (Galicia)

1649 2182khz Cruiser Sunseeker 115 (callsign MCBA) wkg Ostende Radio in a flap about his DSC radio test!

0652 HF channel 803 activity heard in unid language 8725khz/8201khz
1010 8764khz USCG Chesapeake (Virginia) weather bulletin
1141 8707khz simplex conversation (sounded like a ship to ship with engine noise.....

1333 12365khz Charleville, South Australia with marine weather

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

MF Marine Logs and HF Marine Logs

0633 2182khz Rogaland Radio announcement to QSY wkg channels
2133 1704khz Lyngby Radio (Skamlebaek tx)
         1734khz Lyngby Radio (Blavand tx)
         1758khz Lyngby Radio (Skagen tx)
         2586khz Lyngby Radio (Ronne tx) all good sigs nav wngs EE and Danish

1939 2720khz Witowo Radio WX EE and Polish
1943 2656khz Rome Radio (Ancona tx)
         2680khz Rome Radio (Cagliari tx)
         2719khz Rome Radio (Porto Torres tx)
         2624khz Ome Radio (Trieste tx) all with comp generated voice weather bcst

1440 13101khz Tallinn Radio sig booming in "this is Talinn Radio listening 8237, 12254 and 16477khz

1433 2182khz Tallinn Radio with ann.
1433 3310khz Tallinn Radio EE and Estonian gale warning

0633 1665khz Tjome Radio EE nav wng "we have no traffic on hand"
0635 1641khz Torshavn Radio (pro "Torshung") with nav wng for a new light Danish Lighthouse list #6584 established at entrance to SANDS harbour N61 49.84 E006 48.30 signal weak but mostly readable using DX394 and homemade 30cm passive loop pointing north)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Medium Wave MF Marine Logs

0533 1704khz Lyngby Radio
0603 2182khz CROSS Corsen
0623 2761khz Ostend Radio ("listening 2709 and ch16")
0703 1698khz Finisterre Radio (weak)
0703 1707khz La Coruna Radio (weak)
0703 1677khz Machichaco radio (strong!)
1912 1743khz Stornoway CG
1935 2182khz Witowo Radio
1935 1755khz Palma Radio
1935 1767khz Cabo de la Nao Radio

0633 2182khz Valentia CG
0710 2182khz Shetland CG
0730 2226khz Aberdeen CG
1910 1880khz Falmouth CG (barely perceptible copied only 15secs of bcst!)
1950 1925khz Rome Radio (computer generated voice bcst - weak)
2010 1883khz Belfast CG
2103 1888khz Civitavecchia Radio (computer generated voice bcst)

1933 3673khz Netherlands CG (superb signal and ID)
1933 1650khz CROSS Gris-Nez

2106 2656khz Ancona Radio (comp generated bcst good signal but QSB)

I have put these logs in particular on the blog from my logbook as there is so very little information on the net about maritime MF/HF broadcasts and as an Island nation I am guessing there are many of you out there who might be interested in side of the hobby. 73 Adam