Friday, 31 May 2019

Saudia OPS LDOC Jeddah 8968 khz

Thanks to Mike at HF Aero Blog I have just heard my first HF ops frequency for years, apart from Stockholm. Caught Saudia OPS in Jeddah talking in English to SVA806 as it started its descent for Dhaka. So this was 31.May.2019 at 1722UTC.

I miss the written frequency guides of the 1980s and 1990s and also the Airwaves frequency guides from Photoavia Press, and to be honest I have been a bit lost without them. Internet stuff is mostly decades out of date and I haven't found any blogs that are useful for HF frequencies. Sure I know the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, MID, SEA, INO, PAC ATC frequencies. And several military SSB ones for German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and USAF. But my main interest is civilian stuff, and then mostly the OPS/LDOC side of it.

There's a Russian LDOC freq active on 11193 khz I think. Anyone know of anymore???

It can't just be Saudia and Aeroflot who use HF!

I will try and blog EVERYTHING of interest here.