Saturday, 3 December 2016

USAF Sigonella and other logs

I have never heard very much interesting traffic on the USAF HF-GCS frequencies. But this week I was doing a scan on my Tecsun when I heard OCTANE 54 working Sigonella AFB. Signals were good and strong and although I can't find much info on the net relating to the callsign OCTANE, I think it must be a USAF tanker. I've been ages trying to post the audio, and think I have finally succeeded by creating a video from it, so here goes:

30NOV16 1508UTC 11175 KHZ USB: OCTANE 54 wkg Sigonella requesting authentication codes in order to join the NET for training.

Other LOGS:

01DEC16 1128UTC 8992 KHZ USB: Portuguese Air Force activity in Portuguese so it is good to know this interesting military channel is still active, as I haven't heard anything on it for quite a while. No tape recorder to hand to record the unfamiliar language so no more details available.

02DEC16 1027UTC 11178 KHZ USB: Polish Air Force activity (PRES) but again, no tape recorder to hand so I couldn't get more details. I say Polish Air Force activity as I know this is a Polish Air Force freq. but in my logbook I wrote "Israeli" as it sounded a bit like that to me. But not much on the internet to help any further identification. In the UDXF group, Graham Turner monitors this freq each time the Polish Air Force visit the UK and hears voice activity on it. I guess it's used fairly infrequently like many of the military aero frequencies on HF.

Thinking of getting a second PL660 to increase the number of frequencies I can scan in one session of listening. I figured if I put, say, ten frequencies in one radio, then at 5 secs per channel I might well miss stuff. But if I put 5 in each radio and had them next to each other it would increase the chances of rare catches.