Thursday, 4 December 2014

more HF and MF Marine LOGS

1533 1650khz CROSS Gris Nez signal romping in on Tecsun 660 on the cliffs with my loop
2003 2182khz UNID ann. to QSY 1876 171x etc EE
2003 1713khz Vestmannaeyjar Radio, Iceland Icelandic. Excellent signal. PL660 and loop.

1111 16528khz Amateur Radio QSO onboard ship with another ship's captain
HJ    16540khz numerous conversations on this intership channel

1149 22720khz Olympia Radio Greece with press bulletin for mariners in Gk
1600  8728khz  Monaco Radio FF/EE schedule

1741 8183khz interesting conv between SS Fisherman mentioned 50 canisters of Pescadilla 
                       (Whiting), 5 canisters of "Tupo?" and Barcelona plus the weather forecast
1800 4405khz Istanbul Radio too weak to copy but scheduled WX broadcast in EE //8812 13128
                       (later in week heard 13128 at 1000UTC good EE signal but impossible to understand!)