Sunday, 23 December 2012

World Heritage Grimeton Radio SAQ 17.2 kHz

Listen to World Heritage Grimeton Radio (SAQ)

Grimeton Radio is the last transmitter in the world generating rf power without any electronic parts. No tubes, no semiconductors, only an engine driving an AC generator.

The above station will transmit on 24th December 2013 at 0730 and 0800UTC in CW from Sweden.

The DX-394 will tune down to 1khz (have a look here for how to modify the DX-394 with button presses only) 

The DX-10 Vertical antena on the washing line performs a dream on VLF, and so i will try to listeni in tomorrow morning and see if I can hear anything.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

First 24H with ERA Microreader

This is a photo of the new microreader reading amateur cw yesterday. I have done a side by side
comparison with fldigi and it is just as good yet without all the hassle (not to mention noise!) of loading up the pc. I am very impressed. In fact there were digits that the fldigi program failed to copy that the microreader read OK, which surprised me, given its age.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Era Microreader

I have bought an ERA Microreader for decoding cw and rtty signals in the shack. My parents bought me one when I was a lad and after years of fun decoding press agency signals and aero stations in Africa, I foolishly let it go for a song with a big box of radio equipment I thought I no longer wanted. Years later I regretted that decision, especially as Mum & Dad must have saved so hard to buy it for me.

I am not a lover of computers at the best of times, and certainlty not when I want to relax with the radio hobby, so a stand alone unit such as this has huge appeal for me. I am hoping to spend some enjoyable hours monitoring the 10m beacons, some CW maritime stations, and if I can find any some maritime RTTY stations.

I have spent the past few months since my last entry monitoring broadcast stations and was sad to recently discover Radio Exterior de Espana no longer broadcasts to Europe, the demise of this service being accelerated by the economic climate.

Last year I bought a Pure Evoke Flow internet radio and although it has taken a while to adjust to this more contemprary way of listening to worldwide radio after using short wave all my life, I am thoroughly enjoying it now. I especially love the excellent audio quality of some of my favourite music stations, and what a joy to hear previously weak signals from the tropical band stations in Brazil in modern digital sound quality. another bonus is these DX stations can be heard during the day, instead of only at 3 o clock in the morning!