Saturday, 9 December 2017

Learning theTarot de Marseille (Keywords)

A few weeks ago I published some keywords for the Tarot de Marseille that I had been working with. But I have come up with another version that works much better for me, and I wanted to post them on my blog. Nick's Numerology website has been a huge help in learning the numbers and I thoroughly recommend it.

If, like me, you have come from a RWS tarot background, the challenge is additionally hard when it comes to learning the TdM as we have already learned a lot of meanings and associations between cards and pictures. And all of this need to be re-learnt. That is a huge challenge. Even after months with the Tarot de Marseille, you only have to mention "6 of Swords" and I see people in a boat, or "6 of Cups" and I see the funny little pixie visiting the girl. In fact, some numerology + suit meanings I am learning for the TdM tie-in quite closely with Pamela Colman Smith's charming drawings. But I think if you really want to learn the Tarot de Marseille and allow your creativity in to the learning process as well, then you need to do your best to try and put to one side any knowledge accrued with the RWS cards.

I have asked myself, as there are so many numerological systems and if there is no recognised meaning of the numbers in numerology even within one system, then there can't be anything to learn. And I would think about switching back to the more formulaic meanings of the RWS. But that would be a shame and a mistake which I only realised after readings Nick's ebook in which he says the very numerological meaning of the word "NUMEROLOGY" means it is open to interpretation. In other words, that there is no "right" or "wrong" meaning of a number, and that our very creativity and intuition is part of the process. We just need to discover a system that makes sense to us and our world view and our spiritual understanding, and then apply it.

I myself have always been sceptical of people interpreting "fives" as conflict and challenge and instability. For me, it has always been a number of expansion & learning. It is one of the reasons the RWS tarot felt wrong to me eventually. But if you have a particular liking for and affinity with qabalistic numerology, you probably won't agree. This inexactness of the art is at once fascinating to me and a cause of much frustration, as my more rational mind doesn't like it one bit!

Anyway, I hope that you can expand these jpegs to read enough details and I hope you find them a useful springboard for your own study of the Tarot de Marseille.