Wednesday, 31 May 2017

VHF Airband Company Operations

In the 1980's my parents gave me my first professional airband radio, a CR600 made by Swinburne Electronics at Birmingham airport. It gave me years of immense pleasure, watching the 6 L.E.Ds scanning the six crystal controlled channels, and when pocket money would permit I would buy new crystals to expand the available channels I could listen to.
My father is now seriously ill and I have spent the last few weeks trying to get it into working condition to show it to him again.

The project has reawoken my interest in the airband in a big way, but I have been surprised by the lack of up to date books on the current frequencies. I used to buy the Airwaves one from Photavia Press and I have seen publications from Seldec & PW Publishing in the past, but now that these are no longer available I was at a loss as to where to find especially the company frequencies that I find so interesting. One or two online forums have proved quite helpful but nothing comprehensive.

So I decided to scan the sections of bands I knew used to be allocated to company ops and publish the results on here, my blog, in the hope they would prove useful.

If you look under the blog archive, there is a link to the early beginnings of this project.

If anyone knows anywhere I can find up-to-date operations frequencies, please let me know via the blog comments. Thank you.

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