Sunday, 25 February 2018

HF Aero Logs February 2018 incl 8894 khz Algiers

30JAN18 1009Z 5708khz French Navy HR clg "Armour"
05FEB18 0825Z 5687khz German Air Force GAF083 dep.0809 selcal AJFL alt freq K, M
05FEB18 1035Z 11217khz GAF083
06FEB18 0731Z 6535khz TAM8084 Sao Paulo - LHR wkg HF Oceanic FL330
12FEB18 1836Z 8903khz Air France 804 wkg Niamey FL400
13FEB18 0940Z 5690khz Irish Coastguard SA wkg C252 ops want you to call us on 125.025 VHF
16FEB18 1830Z 8861khz TUI5052 Sal-Brussels wkg Canarias nxt call 133.0 and selcal chk
16FEB18 1834Z 8861khz JMK417 clg Johannesburg Oceanic no reply
17FEB18 0745Z 8894khz 7T-VJB wkg Algiers req selcal chk after landing from Montreal
17FEB18 0835Z 8894khz 7T-VND Twin Oter wkg Algiers on 335radial 150nm from VOR "IMN"
19FEB18 1639Z 11300khz Emirates 702 wkg Mogadishu FL390
19FEB18 1847Z 8861khz Cabo Verde 691 from Boston wkg Sal Oceanic ctc now Sal 128.3
23FEB18 0720Z 8894khz ZS-DIH wkg Algiers (Let 410 of Red Cross)
23FEB18 0722Z 8894khz Royal Air Maroc 290 to Casablanca FL340
23FEB18 0723Z 8894khz THY538 Ougadougou to Istanbul wkg Algiers climb FL350
25FEB18 0735Z 8894khz ZS-DIH Red \cross Let410 wkg Algiers req Hassi Mesaoud weather


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